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Wear Your Trophy

Commissioning Hunting & Safari Trophies

Wear your trophy

Bring us hides and skins from your trophy game hunts. Tomasso Arditti can turn your collection into functional works of leather art, including custom boots, belts, wallets, duffels and more. There's probably no better reminder of your treasured sporting trips.

We've worked with elephant, alligator, deer, Cape Buffalo and many more exotic skins from both domestic and African hunts. We're experienced at evaluating those leathers. If your hides are good quality and finished with approved tannage methods, we can begin. A custom-fit pair of cowboy boots or shoes created with your trophy hides starts at $2,250.00. Or you may choose to have us create luxury leather gifts for your hunting party. Please contact us for pricing and individual consultation.


There is no guarantee on color shading and texture, which may differ slightly from a boot depicted on your computer screen. Digital colors vary from screen to screen. Leather dye lots also vary from batch to batch. Our leathers aren't man-made, but are from actual animals, and each skin is different due to inherent variations in color and texture. Imperfections and scarring that occur naturally add uniqueness and beauty to finished leather products, making them one of a kind. If you have concerns, please contact us to request swatches of the leathers that interest you.

The majority of boots we produce are crafted for a custom fit and often in a custom design. For this reason, boots are non returnable and non refundable. If there is a problem with the design or fit, we do our very best to make adjustments and please our customers.